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The Academy was formed to fill a void in the necessary training for actors wishing to work in the regional film and television markets, and to enhance an actor's training with the inclusion of business and self-marketing. Because the vast majority of local training for actors focus specifically on the stage, Indy Actors Academy focuses on acting and other skills necessary for work in front of the camera. As a result, Chief Instructor Jim Dougherty has been sought after to teach in multiple production markets.

Indy Actors Academy was founded 2011 as a training ground for actors wishing to hone their craft and develop marketing strategies for working in the show business industry at various levels depending on their individual goals. The classes were initially held at the Greenwood Community Center and as the program developed and a need for a new space became obvious, IAA moved to the City of Lawrence and held classes in the building above the small lake in Jenn Memorial Park. IAA now conducts worksgops and seminars in Chicago, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Evansville, and additional loactions around the Southeast and Midwest markets.

Indy Actors Academy offers additional education on the business and technical aspects actors need to understand in order to succeed in the ever advancing technological arena show business has become.

Indy Actors Academy students range from beginners to seasoned professionals working in the local and regional markets.

Our Mission
is to help the actor develop their craft, experience, and show business strategy for working in their local as well as surrounding markets.

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